Almost 80% of my UI creation is by accident

Angga Putra Sundowo
2 min readMar 3, 2017

Based on my own experience

How many times, as a designer we start with something like this?

Paper sketch

Wanted to be look like this

But, end up like this

Try not to get too attached to your first idea

My point is, don’t start with perfection in your mind at first, a digital product it’s a never ending process even after you delivered the project to your clients/stakeholder, the product will evolve or perhaps changed.

I never believe my initial design draft will be my ultimate weapon, all I’m thinking is deliver the first version to client/stakeholder based on my assumption or some research. It’s all start after the first iteration. Feedback starts coming from the stakeholder, idea flowing and brainstorming become intense.

It’s all about process, don’t afraid to get feedback, bad or good. At least when you get the bad feedback you know where is the area that you can improve. Keep exploring.