SmartDocs — A fintech hackathon project

Angga Putra Sundowo
3 min readSep 26, 2017

An app to digitalize physical paperwork document using blockchain technology

Blockchain is not always about cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Introduce Smart Contract, a contract/agreement paperwork between parties written as code into the blockchain, this Smart Contract can execute itself triggered by certain rules.

What is blockchain?

A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts were first proposed by Nick Szabo in 1996

wikipedia —

What we want to solve

It’s all start with this story

Applying for home mortgage

Imagine how many parties involved in the process, chances of human error is big. The process is slow because you need approval from a lot of people from different departments.

Yeay we’ve got a use case for this hackathon!

How we built the app

After some discussion regarding several use cases, we end up building the app based on real-life use case that more feasible considering this a hackathon event with time limitation.

We want to solve problem when business to business do trade. A simple purchase order process, buying goods between those companies it’s a slow process and requires a lot of paperwork. The goal to make purchase order process faster, reliable and less paperwork using the smart contract.

Job stories:

  1. When customer ordering products from my company, I want them to pay the invoice on time so that I can have a good cash flow.
  2. When the time for a customer to pay the invoice, I want them to fill the paperwork detail correctly so we don’t caught in revision loop and I can send them the goods right on schedule.

Now let’s get into more technical, we start with the big picture first, in this case sitemap still a good tool to shared by other roles within the team.


And then it’s come to the pencil and paper sessions, everyone in the team can participate in this phase.

Wireframing using Crazy 8's

Visual Works

Invision prototype: (Can’t live without this tool. Loved it!)



From 600++ ideas submitted, made through the hackathon day and compete with 60 teams. Goes to next round (8 teams) and finally, we’ve got the 3rd place.

Fun fact: Our team just met at the hackathon day, luckily our skill set fill each other. 1 Designer, 1 iOS developer and 1API developer